Susie Babchick

Susie Babchick is a London-based photography consultant working with photographers along with commercial, editorial and art-based clients.

Having represented, produced and managed all aspects of Corinne Day's photographic work from 1999-2010, Susie continues to work with Gimpel Fils gallery in managing the Corinne Day Estate and archive.

With Ridley Scott Associates/RSA Films, Susie represents artists in the photographic divison, RSA Photographic which represents and produces some of the world's most exciting photographers and filmmakers.

Jonas Ã…kerlund, Casper Balslev, Alyssa Boni, Antony Crook, Christian Larson, Sophie Muller, Laetitia Negre, Milo Reid, Jordan Scott, Leonn Ward, Ian Winstanley

RSA Photographic:

Corinne Day Estate: